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  2. Apple will drop Back to My Mac in macOS Mojave. Here are some workarounds if you rely on it;
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These should be password protected, but if you haven't set the password yourself and have lost the documentation, check the extensive list of default passwords at routerpasswords. If you gain access this way you should subsequently change your password to something other than the default.

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Depending on the terminology, look for either Ports or Virtual Servers on your router configuration pages and add an HTTP server, specifying your Mac's IP address as the server location, and 80 for both the internal and external port. If necessary, reboot your router to apply the changes.

How to Backup Your Mac: Your Complete Guide to Mac Backup

Finally, return to System Preferences and open the Energy Saver pane. If you're using a MacBook, ensure it's plugged in and, from the Power Adapter tab, check the box to enable 'Wake for network access'. Your Mac will now periodically check in with Apple's servers to update them on its location on the Internet. Set your other energy saver settings to allow the computer to sleep after a few minutes, but don't switch it off.

How to replace Back to My Mac now that Apple has killed it

You can now leave home with another Mac and access your home machine remotely. Open a new Finder window on your second Mac and your home machine will appear in the sidebar's Shared subsection. Click your home Mac, followed by the Connect As Select Using an Apple ID as the connection method and, if you have more than one Apple ID on your machine, select the appropriate one from the drop-down menu and click connect to access the files on your remote Mac. Alternatively, if you want to control your computer from your mobile MacBook, select it in the sidebar and click Share Screen You can remotely control the Mac as if you were sitting in front of it.

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Enable Back to My Mac

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With all the new features coming to macOS An Apple support document posted on August 9, confirms that the feature will not be supported in Mojave. What is Back to My Mac? It allows users to remotely access Macs to perform file sharing and screen sharing. Apple has a support document on how to set it up. If you do plan to run Mojave but rely on Back to My Mac, here are some workarounds for when the feature disappears.