Interprocess communication in mac os x

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Mac OS X Interprocess Communication facility

Home About Us. The attaching address is specified by shmaddr with one of the following criteria: If shmaddr is NULL, the system chooses a suitable unused address at which to attach the segment. Share this: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Like this: Like Loading Expertise in Mac OSX application development.

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  • Chapter 9 Interprocess Communication - Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach [Book].

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Inter-Process Communication - NSHipster

Mak on Circular Progress Bar. These are the methods in IPC:.

inter process communication - part-1/2- IPC - COA

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Analogous to simplex systems Keyboard. Data from the output is usually buffered until input process receives it which must have a common origin.

Message Queuing — This allows messages to be passed between processes using either a single queue or several message queue. This is managed by system kernel these messages are coordinated using an API.