Mac 250 beam user manual

Rafleflash 4. Beam 5R Beam 7R.

Martin MAC 250 Entour

Mini Spider. Tessera V. Atlas Simulator View. M Series YK Flood LED. C EXW X LED Whisper WinDesign MK2. Pandoras Box MediaPlayer V3. Cougar 19Z. Spot Wash V VR. Kameleon III. Fiber Lamp FLB. B Oculus Digitiser DPD LED Spot 60W. Media Spinner. DY SD.

Nova 7. PARCO LED Light Bar. LED Wash. ServoSpot ServoSpot Archled12 RGB. Italscan Nocturno Nocturno Panasonic FME Control. Hyperion SJ8 Super Jet. XPRO B. Beam 5R. Precision DMX. Super Creator DLX. TW RGB9.

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Projector 1 Projector 2. Rev Beam GT 17R Beam Spot. Base Hazer Pro. Pixelbar RentalMiniTri. High 5 BB 4 BB 7 Satellite. LED Spot A colored filter placed in front of a lighting fixture. Color is an important element in adult learning Gobo: A logo or image etched out of metal that allows it to be projected onto a screen, wall, banner or other solid surface.

Often used for brand reinforcement during events. Video mapping can be used to produce a similar by higher-end effect. Guide Number: Guide numbers are used as a rating system to gauge the power or range of flash. At ISO , to determine the proper exposure for a subject 20 feet away, multiply 20 by X number in this case 4 to get 80 the guide number.

Halation: The distortion that appears around the edge of a sharply focused beam pattern. This effect can be reduced with the aid of a donut. Half Scrim: A metal scrim whose screen occupies one half of its frame so that the straight edge of the screen is located across the diameter of the frame.

It is used to cut light output. Halogen: The name for a family of gases, used in lamps, to maintain proper color temperature.

MAC 250 Krypton - user manual

Hard Edge: A beam pattern edge that is very clear and distinguishable, i. Hard Light: Illumination that has a hard edge and produces sharply defined shadows. Often this light is very intense, but generally less flattering than soft light. A light source that provides such illumination. Head: A general term for a Fresnel spotlight.

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The part of a follow spot that contains the light source, i. The part of a metal halide light source that contains the lamp, i.

Martin Professional Mac Entour Club Stage DJ DMX Gobo Moving Head Light Fx | eBay

The part of an ellipsoidal spotlight that contains the reflector, i. Short for Grip Head or Ball Head. Hertz: A unit of measurement for the Frequency of alternating current, i. Highboy Hiboy : A heavy-duty stand designed to hold light sources or heavy grip equipment. High Key: A lighting style in which the majority of the scene is highly illuminated, usually enhanced by bright costumes and sets. A low ratio of key plus fill light lowers the contrast, helping to obtain this effect.

Hollywood Box: A piece of power distribution equipment used in the film and video industries, composed of a metal housing, a means for connecting an electrical supply and female flush-mount connectors or bus bars that can be electrically connected with bus bar lugs, for the purpose of supplying electricity to light sources. Some are also provided with over current protection.

MAC 250 Krypton - user manual

Hot Lights: Common term for continuous light sources, especially tungsten or halogen lights that run hot. Hot Restrike: A term applied to an igniter that can hot-start an arc lamp. Hot Spot: The spot of light with the highest intensity, ideally located at or near the center of a beam that has been focused for a peak field.

Hot Start: A term used to describe the ignition of a heated arc lamp, i. This is a commonly used type of metal halide lamp manufactured by Osram-Sylvania Corp. The term Osram HMI is trademarked. Hz: Abbreviation for Hertz. Illumination: Generally, a term for light or lighting. The unique Live Triggers feature makes it quick and intuitive to trigger lighting cues directly from Ableton Live: Simply drag cues you created in Lightkey to the Ableton Live timeline.

An interactive assistant guides you through the entire setup process: Configure DMX output, patch your fixtures, create a visual representation of the stage. Everything you need is cleanly arranged in a single window, providing you with exactly the controls you need at any time. The elegant, white-on-dark UI has been specially designed for use in low-light environments—it even adapts itself to the light colors.

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Pinch, swipe, scroll, force click: With a Multi-Touch trackpad you can change fixture properties in a natural way. A clever, well-structured, and extensible system of keyboard shortcuts lets you control virtually every application feature. Open User Guide. Lightkey handles even the most sophisticated fixtures with ease. Click the image for a side-by-side comparison. Download the source code here or get the latest version on GitHub.

Now ready for macOS Mojave.

Vastly Powerful.

Highly Compatible. Hardware Control. Enhance Your Experience. Designed for Creativity. Intelligent Design View The Design view automatically adapts itself according to your fixtures and their properties so you only see the controls you really need. Even if you select multiple devices from different manufacturers, Lightkey will calculate the individual DMX values for each of them so they all point in the same direction.