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Freebies , Install Software , Online Advertising. Your email address will not be published. The one I am finding at the moment to be most interesting is that the editor s of MacUpdate may have close affiliations with Apple, Inc. If you think about it, MacUpdate and the Apple App Store are not exactly compatible in the sense that Apple would prefer Mac users to download all software from the App Store. Yet it tolerates MacUpdate, mainly because there is no law against another site offering Mac downloads.

Mac developers can choose an alternative location for users to download Mac software at any time and Apple has to live with it. However, if I develop an app that somehow can directly compete with Apple's own free OS X apps, such as contacts. This is untrue, and I had to write in the comments section for the app page that this is not the case. Then when I make enquiries about this message, an editor eventually state that a file may have a suspicious virus signature in a Site Specific Browser I use to direct users to our product URL.

More than 50 anti-virus tools have never picked it up, even to this day. A check on TotalVirus. At any rate, in the interest of users, I decided to replace the SSB app.

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Problem solved. MacUpdate should be happy, but then the editor is not happy about the changes I make to the product description to improve its chances of users downloading the app. I also asked why the editor would remove the product and download URLs from the MacUpdate software page for the app when hiding the listing and notifying us of any problems would suffice. There is no explanation.

Mac App Store Cracked Open for Piracy

Before the app was put onto MacUpdate earlier this year, there was a few years gap since I last put the app on its web site. Back then I had to remove it because no update submissions were getting through, and sending emails to its support team would not initiate a response. Now I have changed the email address and with the passage of sufficient time, the listing has managed to get up online with the changes I wanted initially, but again making simple changes to the description is proving to be extremely difficult.

I suspect MacUpdate may have much closer affiliations with Apple than we dare imagine. There is a high probability that if Apple is not happy about an app because it will compete with its own apps, MacUpdate may help out in making life harder for the third-party developer e. It is a contentious thought, but one that I am prepared to make given my experiences with MacUpdate. I was doing the same - using Macupdate to just list what needed updating and manually updating the apps, but I guess too many people were doing that.

Got an email this morning with the subject "Don't go into trial mode.

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I was doing the same thing, but no longer I guess. Does anyone know of any alternatives to MacUpdate? A lot of apps aren't on the App store. Great article. You think it's bad wait until you get to checkout through Paypal and once you do there is not alternative if you want to proceed but to accept their terms and conditions of signing up to a contract. You can subsequenty go into Paypal and cancel the agreement or just walk away without buying anything.


MacUpdate desktop, for me, is still my go-to app for quickly updating apps on my own and my clients' machines. It's an easy way to search for and automatically install updates, and I at this moment, at least will not be abandoning them for another updating app, as it is too convenient for this utility. I am distressed, tho, to hear about the dark elements; had not encountered this because of how I use their service.

Nor was I watching for subterfuge, but of course, will now pay closer attention. I hope they return to being a 'clean' site, as I have been a happy MU'er for many years. Would be so disappointed if I had to try to replace the service Get with it, MacUpdate!

You guys have been great for many years, I've happily paid your yearly fees for the desktop service, but will feel inclined to split if you cannot play nice in the Mac community. I've already turned off the auto-renew, just in case Thank you for the quick info. I had a nagging feeling that I shouldn't have ignored, but continued on to try and install a tiny app. Ran into a "You really want this app, right? The "install screen" showing progress stayed at zero for a couple of minutes before I got alarmed and tried to quit.

No quit option in menu. Tried to close window, and got something like "You can't do that until install is complete". Force-quit killed it, and now I'll be spending a little while trying to figure out what it was doing for those couple of minutes. With all due respect to MacUpdate and the "negative PR this initiative has caused" poor misunderstood souls , someone who runs into this the first time will never give them a second look. When defending your company's bad move, try to steer clear of business-speak buzzwords. Like calling it an "initiative", and calling valid criticism "negative PR".

But to their credit, it's nowhere near as bad as Crunchyroll's "very actively working on new systems for better communication in coming iterations" after their manga server went down completely twice, for a total of four days in a couple of weeks - and ignoring everyone asking about it in the forums - then defending it first as "maintenance" and later "technically maintenance".

I'm not familar with that particular piece of software. I'm assuming you can't find the application in Spotlight; what about Activity Monitor? Cannot find anything, al the process in Activity Monitor seems to be legit..

So what does "mac update installer" install?? If you can't find anything you should be okay, but be on the lookout for suspicious popups. If you see one, come back here with a screenshot and we'll chat. Sound good? And run this maybe: Now we have to turn to more honest sites for information and to download the software. I'd thought you were talking about MakeUseOf in a comment I wrote before, have since deleted that.

Sorry about any confusion. MacUpdate is still useful for finding information about applications, but probably not ideal for actually downloading them. Did you get your iTunes account hacked? Mac OS X Apple has today released Mac OS X Full changelog found below: Enhance the Mac App Store to ge Cydia Coming to Mac Soon! Apple has been working hard to try to make the Mac App Store possible. According th Leave a comment Name E-mail. Recent Articles. Amazon Smartphone — Coming Soon! Come June and you did be able to see yet another Internet giant joining the arena read more Is Lenovo S worth its price? Sony Holding the book in your hands, read more Wearable Camcorder: Panasonic HX A Wearable gadgets are the in thing in the market. Now days, every company is trying to lure its customers by introducing stylish as well as useful wearable gadgets in the read more Top 3 Smartphone Buying Tips If you are buying your first Smartphone, or are unsure of which one to choose from the lot of many, then some Smartphone buying tips would be helpful for you.

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