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Usually, you can find it in the winbind package of your distribution. Log-ins from Subsequent versions, 2. Following is the log from a 2. Setting default pigset mode I get this error when trying to install both star trek and what I think is the 3. Mac users Fired up the game on a single character and lo and behold Deep Space 9 interior is resolving and showing detail Thought I should contribute my feedback regarding Star Trek Online.

I've check other websites to find any proven solutions to the graphics error in-game, but unfortunately, nothing actually works currently. Since the wiki seems to still redirect me to the Home page on www. The game runs smoothly so far, I've not actually played a mission yet, but ran around SpaceDock and flown a ship to K However, I can only see the hair, wrist and part of the pants of my character and bridge crew.

The walls and most of the floor are missing as well, making it hard for me to navigate. I can only see the tip of my ship's warp nacelles and that's about it. It is a MacBook Air. MacOS High Sierra unfortunately. CPU 1. Thanks for any assistance. I really want to get back on while I'm currently free. It's been 3 years since I last played. As a few others already mentionned, I have an issue running the game where characters are only a floating wig and a few detals like teeth and the rest of the background is clearly not visible either.

On the character creation mode I can see people on the background typing on computers only there's no computer I don't have any knowledge what so ever of how this all thing works, and never used Wine before, so if someone could get me through an easily understandable process to fix this problem I'd be ever so grateful. If that's normal it makes me a little leary of server communications playing the game.

Running on FC27 if it matters.

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So im new to linux. I installed play on linux and then installed sto. I logged in and it patched. I hit engage and then it frezzes up. Would like to know if anyone else has this problem. Im a huge fan of the game. How do i fix this issue. I would like to test Star Trek Online on ubuntu I installed the game via PlayOnLinux with Wine 2. The game starts, I have the Cryptic screen but the game cuts itself off as soon as the " Star trek emergence "screen appears. I still see everyone using older versions, anyway, I find STO working fine for me now with no exceptions, graphics look good.

Wine Versions below 2. Often the game doesn't even start. But since the last big graphic patches in STO there is the problem with invisible hair and surfaces. This was a bug in wine and has been solved:. Unfortunately there are new graphical issues since wine version 2. I also had problems with wine versions above 2. My NVidia card worked well with version 2. Going to the character selection should be enough for checking graphic quality.

When you found it, get the appropriate wine and wine-staging sources. Then compile everything for x86 architecture and copy it to your. I will give you detailed instructions for Ubuntu You may adapt them for your own distro. I tested it on the following two systems it doesn't run fluently on the mobile radeon device but it looks good :. Linux Mint It goes on for 5 tries and fails or stops altogether. I think it's a wine window giving the message. This may not be completely related to the installer as mine was paritally manually done. Although don't remember in which ways. It was following info in this thread inbetween launcher versions.

So it might be relevant to something. Any ideas how to fix this? Still working on it. Figured I'd post something in case it speeds things up. Anyone got a solution? I started it up again after having problems with 2. And then changed it to 2. Later version are working once you get it in the game. I don't know if I needed the 2. I may have just not waited long enough for it to start. But it's working consistantly with later versions now for me.

Graphics problems are still a thing though. No change at all in this departments. But It's playable for me with the level of graphics missing. It's mostly superficial stuff like trees or boxes and not the ground or anything too serious. I will keep playing with the graphics settings to see if anything improves this. My character shows up at first but then dissapears as the final layers are added. I've read some discussion that Shadows are an issue, but turning Shadows on or off doesn't seem to fix this.

Running in either Safe mode or Normal mode seems fine. Running in Maximized Window works well. I can get the game to fully open and run using Wine 2. Have not tested other Wine versions. I still can't get other versions on Wine to install, but the game does load to the character creation screen in Safe Mode, windowed.

I can select a race and class, but when I click Next the game crashes. Have tried this multiple times with the same result. Anyone else having this issue? I've been able to get it installed, but that required changing it to the right installation file name. I get just past the Cryptip load screen and then it says at the bottom something about a Tessalation error, and crashes. I've tried installing the Vine 2. Running a MacBook Pro. I have a problem. This is my first time trying to use PlayOnMac, and I got it specifically for this game.

The launcher won't allow me to run the game due to an unsupported DirectX version. I don't know what components I need to install to Wine to make it work, or if there are any workarounds. I'm attempting to play on a MacBook Pro Late What can I do? Just had a problem where the install or something updated itself. It now does not let me click on the engage or other buttons. I don't know if anyone else will have this issue. But I found a workaround by tabbing through the items in the window until getting to engage or other desired windows.

This is the launcher so another option may be to use the client directly. This just happend a few minutes ago and was not an issue before this. I have no idea what updated or why. I dont know if this is the place to ask, but does anyone have the ability to see pavyl on risa? I can do everything else but he seems to now show up. I think he might be glitched out. It runs great on my Mac Mini , apparently even smooth at higher graphics levels though no action yet and I will likely have to reduce when I get there ; But first off, amazing work here!

I am basically seeing no surfaces at all. No planet surfaces but weird glowing orbs in space instead, just empty wireframes of the starships and the bridge, characters are all glowing silhouettes with eyebrows, no walls, floors When I change the graphics levels I get sporadic changes. I was able to get my starship to appear! But planets, floors, and characters are still funky. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

Would be happy about any suggestions! I'm running Zorin I added the Hkey GL max thing in registry. I've tried Wine ver 2. I can patch STO, but everytime I try to run I get the same message saying that my graphics card does not support DirectX 3d ver 10 or above.

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Anything else that I can try? I'm new to Linux. I've also been having issues trying to get Star Trek Online to run on my machine. I keep getting the error message saying 'Unsupported DirectX Version. Wasn't able to get 2. I'm running it as Windows 8. I also did the registry key thing and changed that to Could there be something else I'm missing? I also keep getting this 'videocard is not supported' message, used the install components section of the config menu to download d3dx11 and that didn't help. This is the last entry that comes up on the debugger before I hit the ok button on the warning message.

Examining hoggs I've installed STO on my mac but keep getting the message that my video card is no longer supported. Is this really too old to be able to play STO or is there any possible way around this? I've tried a number of the updates published here but nothing seems to work. Files mismatch. Do you want to retry. Installation worked but I've a problem with directX. After pushing the start button there appears the message which says: "Not supported DirectX Version. The game is not loading for me after the new patch. It is either the patch or the fact I accidently uninstalled POL trying to install winestaging in normal wine and then reinstalled wine and POL.

Is anyone else getting this. It stops after the cryptic loading screen and on the STO loading screen after. It literally just hangs and never does anything. The debug just stops getting info. I let it sit a while and it didn't resolve itself. Any idea how to get around this? When will we be able to play Star trek online again using this program? How long will it take to make the software updates? Will we be able to play using PlayOnMac or no? I'm having issues with STO where the client will run fine but when I try to load a zone for the fourth or fifth time, it locks up and I have to force it to close.

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I am using POM the first time so please excuse any missing knowledge. I installed POM Version 4. The Game starts after i hit 'OK' but the grafics are very strange and some things arent displayed corectly. Does anyone have a sugestion what i can do to fix this. Thanks in advance. Ever since the software patch done by Arc, the STO will launch into the Cryptic loading screen, and then crash after a few seconds. Is there any word on a new installer? Im trying to run it through Steam, but it's insanely slow, even with graphics and rendering at minimum.

So this script is having the same issue as Neverwinter Online; the URL for the client download is no longer available. Revised script to remove need for Steam or Arc as content delivery systems, as it now downloads directly from their servers. Also updated Wine version used. You are here. Supported software Star Trek Online.

New installer. Information This installer has been approved by the team. Install this program. No Arc or Steam required! It only does this the first time the game has be ran. Warning This update has not been approved yet by the team. Use it at your own risk. Try this update. Does this actually work on 64 bit wine? That would be cool. I assume it's been tested right? Just tested. Played for 20 minutes. It works on 64bit but the framerate seems to be jumping all over the place.

Haven't tried it on windows yet so not sure if thats a wine issue or gtx isn't enough. How do I update the installer for this? Running Linux Mint You can't do it at the moment. An admin needs to approve it.

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I'll do that now. They are there for a reason Now if anything needs to be changed you have to hunt through the script instead of just declaring variables at the top and using throughout. That is standard practice. Please change it to use variables properly like before, as I'm sure that was not the issue with your install. Message I'm having difficulties with the Installer. PlayOnLinux debugging tool v4. Read the content of this file for more information wine Message hello, i cam currently having issues getting the correct directx version to run on playonmac.

I am having same issue and would love to play Star Trek online on my Mac. Lots of talk about reading a wiki but never a link to this "wiki" a search in google doesn't populate any "wiki" on this topic for me to read "carefully" or not. People silly comments telling me to go buy a PC is not helpful.

Is this game playable on a Mac as of or not? After downloading playonmac searching Star Trek online, downloading, installing it from playonmac, updating game, and pressing engage? I get this message. Any and as much help someone can give with links to what they're telling me to do would be helpful.

I have never used playonmac or any program like it. Now this is what the message reads. You will be unable to play using this Video Card.

The game plays just fine for me on wine version 3. I get the above error when using wine version 4. The approved playonmac installer uses wine version 3. Regardless, a thread below mentioned going back to 3. If so, what are your experiences? Message I have been using the script provided by default via PlayOnLinux, it worked wonders! Is there any way to bypass this check perhaps?

Read the wiki. It tells you how to change the Windows version via the configuration window. Message Okay, here's the complete poop on what I've got going that works for my set-up for Star Trek Online. POM Configurator set-up using Windows Here is the log from a successful 2. Time to play! My apologies, version numbers should be 3. And i thought I proof-read carefully. Everyone needs an editor.

Good news is 4. Message I get this error when trying to install both star trek and what I think is the 3. Try wine 3. Its been working fairly well for me. I did try to install any version of wine but it was giving me the same error message just with that build number in the error message. All of it Myself and the team spent many hours I know I spent days writing the wiki.

Read it and post with the information we need yes I want nothing more than to help, but I'm not going to keep just switching the wine version on a per user basis. Information This update has been approved by the team. Message I get this error when the launcher is trying to connect: Setting default pigset mode On the Mac side, I've not been able to get wine 3. So, at this point, we are getting conflicting answers. The user above that I approved the newest version of says to revert to a previous version. Also, have you all read the wiki? Are you deleting the virtual drive before reinstalling?

Have you installed multiple components and then changed back? Installed mono and. NET in the same drive? Long story short, we need MUCH more info, debug logs, full computer specs. I don't mean to be so straightforward, but yeah; please report bugs in scripts properly. For instance: "I've just discovered that by just changing wine version form 3. Is that actually it?

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Did you delete the whole virtual drive and run the script again? Or did you install everything in order by hand? Maybe you ran it, it failed, and you simply changed the Wine version after the fact? Did you install anything extra? What graphics card? Which version of said card's drivers? We need more info If you submit a report, and it doesn't have what we have said to do in the place we have said to read, I usually close those out and ignore, asking the user to read the wiki and post appropriately.

Help us help you. Thanks for your contributions, though. Every little but helps, but brevity get's us nowhere. Thanks, RD. Wine reverts to bit. As such, a program files x86 folder cannot be created. Removing " x86 " successfully allows the Star Trek Online folder to be created and allows the STO exe file to be stored there. No more POL Shortcut error. Message Mac users Will update as I try more characters and maps.

Have since played a second character through the episode Tenebris Torquent. All ground features appear to be rendering although I did notice that a few hand-held items didn't appear. Created an Age of Discovery character and so far so good through the tutorial and a few episodes. I am glad it started working again. I wonder if it works with the Intel chipsets, as those are always being grumpy.

Thanks for the update! Please keep us updated, and if for some reason I don't answer, DM me and let me know that you posted so we can get this thing up and running again. I really wish they would just bring back the native mac client. Kinda remember from the STO forums that there was some speculation that they got tired of the complaints from Mac users.

Thing is, I never had a problem with the Mac client.

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Honesty think they wanted to reallocate those resources to the console side figuring they could make more money. Whatever, as long as there is a way to play the game. It may not have downloaded all of the way. If you aren't sure if you are doing it correctly, then you should probably read the wiki; we put a lot of time into it I specifically sent days on end writing docs , and you should read it to make sure you are aware of how it works. It will also tell you how to post properly so that we have the information to figure out the issue, otherwise we are guessing.

So, check it out, post the information needed, and let's figure it out. Well originally the op didn't post up a script. When they did, it was because their install failed. This looks as it changes the url it downloads the installer from. I'll go ahead and approve it and hopefully it works. I can't test it at the moment but let me know if it doesn't work. I love all the thumbs down too, like it's my fault that the game maker keeps changing the url and libs which breaks it under wine. I'm still getting an error message trying to install.

I'm on a Macbook Pro, 16 GB memory, 2. I followed the on screen instructions, so I'm not sure what's going on. I fixed the problem. In Mojave at least, it defaults back to wine for x As such, mkdir for program files x86 doesn't work. So, I took out out the x86 for the mkdir and cd commands as one would for bit and voila! Message Hey guys! My computer specs are not impressive, but it's the only one I can afford to use currently. Hello, I'm having the same issue and the wiki doesn't seem to be working.

Is there a solution to this? I am also dealing with this. My characters are just hair and teeth, my ship is just windows, the planets are greyscale, and all buildings are invisible. Has anyone figured this out yet? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Wendy Black.

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But the game engine is still the old 32 bit engine. Cryptic tends to make a lot of poor choices. At that time my HP laptop was doing fine running it on Windows But when they changed all my graphics went goofy and I quit playing over the summer. My husband and his friend work with Linux and decided to start messing with getting a Linux box working. They ran into the same issues, missing character parts. They could only get this up and running with only some "minor" graphic issues on an old i3 64 bit wine 3. These games are fun to play but seem to be pigeon holed for mid range machines with nothing less than Nvidia branded graphics.

Players continue to visit the forums saying their top of the line PC gaming box can't play it. In my opinion, Cryptic has mismanaged the game with respect to both their hardware 1 over burden server and software recycling the same engine for all their games I have to cast blame on them and not your OS, PC, or POL set up. I hope you can find a way to play. Has anyone ever found a fix to the floating wig and teeth graphics issue? I have a macbook Pro with a 2. Well, this issue has been around since perhaps August from what I can tell.

According to WineHQ, the issue has not been resolved yet, hence I'm still stuck here for 4 months now.. Tried downgrading the Wine version to 2. That's all the info I've gathered up so far. Sorry if it's pretty useless.. This happens often, specially with Mac and Intel gfx, then we wait for a patch, then they change something, repeat cycle.

I wish they still had the native Mac version. Unfortunately Cryptic said there was not enough clients using the Mac servers to maintain it, so Oh well.. Message As a few others already mentionned, I have an issue running the game where characters are only a floating wig and a few detals like teeth and the rest of the background is clearly not visible either. I'm not sure what is causing it but I will take a look tonight. You should also read the wiki, as it's filled with information on how everything works, including how to post up your debug logs and computer specs.

You are more likely to get a fast answer with that info in your first post because without it we are just guessing. I'm also having the same issue regarding the game's graphics. I read Ronin's comment to check the wiki. Is that the wiki tab above the web page? If it is, the browser kept directing me to the playonlinux website, and I'm a Mac user. It's the same thing. The same general instructions apply to both for the most part. Ok, so I was directed to wiki.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm kinda all over the place. Either, is there a current solution to fixing the graphics error on game? Message So im new to linux. I have waited for about an hour. Any suggestion? I must have done something wrong. And you can Start Star Trekin safe mode for the first in launcher option choose safe mode and setup gfx later ingame. Updating Wine version to fix crash. Good evening, recently sought to play STO but ran into the speed bump of having a Mac. Your app has worked wonders so far.

Unfortunately, even after downloading this update, I am unable to see my character or the buildings around me. Im just a floating wig walking into invisible walls on water. Is this a common problem? And does anyone know of a work around? Thank you. I'm having the exact same problem! I've tried wine 3. I'm probably not savvy enough to fix the bug, but any help would be appreciated. The same goes for me. Default run was at Wine 3. I tried running it on 2. Tried 3. I've checked all over the web. Has anyone solved this issue yet?

Just curious. Could you help me, please? Message I still see everyone using older versions, anyway, I find STO working fine for me now with no exceptions, graphics look good. Here is the list of building dependencies dependencies. But I don't know how to fix it. I'm not on a dynamic IP. And I have no idea why I would be blocked from the game. Message I started it up again after having problems with 2. I should say I had problems starting it and I thinkg I used 2.

I don't remember how though. I then changed to other versions including 2. I worded this wrong above. I'm actually getting quite a bit of stuttering and a computer lock up last night. Not sure if it's the version or the new drivers or what. Anyone else getting this? Any ideas on stratgies to fix the graphics issue? That's bizzare, since Ihad graphical glitches in 2. Apologies if you found this annoying. ImperatorS79 could you list the various wine etc.

I just tested it using Wine 2. So far 2. Yea, I can't get the graphics problems to go away. I still have missing textures in some places like outside the romulan embassy and my shirt on my character for certain clothing and other random things. How did you get rid of the graphics problems? Any updates on a solution? Running on MacOS Sierra and using 2. The ships now basically look good in space battles.

Sometimes near planets in the sector travel they will look a little patchy. I've tried to do this and i'm not finding the Direct3D in Wine. Am I looking at something wrong? I cannot get it working with Wine 2. Wine development will need more improvements made before the game is both playable and aesthetic. Message I still can't get other versions on Wine to install, but the game does load to the character creation screen in Safe Mode, windowed.

Ok, I can try that. I installed wine 2. The game loads past the character creation screen but the graphics don't render properly. I can barely see my character, or most of the environment. Will try again using wine 2. Wine 2. Message Hi, I'm totally new to this and would appreciate some help I've been able to get it installed, but that required changing it to the right installation file name. Then I got the DirectX error but got around that by adding the registry key. What else should I try?

Try wine 2. If it works you can increase graphics options until it crashes. Ok, thanks. Any advice on how to install different wine versions? Overtime I do the installer lunches, the download completes, and then it just stops and I don't see the new vine version in the drop down menu. Normaly in Tools you have "Manage wine versions", there you can download an x86 32 bits wine 2. They download and the installer launches and then nothing is listed as installed. You place it in for linux here, I don't know for max ;.

I have been looking and looking and cannot find where the folder is to put the wine 2. I have not encountered something so confusing as this in a long time. Why doesn't the wine version just install properly from POM? That's odd. You shouldn't have to do it manually. Disable any proxies, firewalls, and av software that you have running and see if that will allow it to download.

Disabled my firewall and AV but still no go should have thought of that earlier. It downloads the Win version file, extracts it, and then nothing, and the version isn't listed as installed. I have zero "Installed Wine versions" showing. So I noticed the Star Trek Online shortcut on my Desktop and opened that, without opening or Running it through POM, and it loaded and got me to the character creation screen. Never got that far before.

We'll see how long this works! It crashes when I click Next on the first tab of the Character Creation screen now. I found my Wine folder in my Library and was able to manually install 2. Hi - I get the Direct X error message. I can't use the HKEY step. What do I need to do in order to get the Direct3D entry? However I am still getting the Unsupported DirectX error message.

Should I have other values in the Direct3D key? The registery key isn't needed in this version Ps : you can verify linux that your card support OpenGL 3. Thanks - worked but seems to stick at Loading after getting the tessellation support message. Trying again with the wine 2. Thanks - with wine 2. Although have the texture issues. Any suggestions?

When using safe mode it gets to the "loading" screen, however then completely exits the program. Message so Yup, same for me. The cryptic page loads, escalation page comes up, screen goes blank and back to desktop.

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Good Luck. I got both 32bit and 64 bit working. I think 32 bit may have solved my character change crashing issues. This needs more testing though. It's on 2. Still have lots of texture issues but mine are ones I can play around. In a fresh install with 2. Normally you shouldn't need this anymore, but if the program complains about unsupported DirectX version, verify you hhave minimum OpenGL 3. Rember also to disable FullScreen not working properly and enable safe mode, in launcher options tab.

Yhe path to follow is the same, but instead of "grep Am I missing an option somewhere? Message I have a problem. Check through the posts. There is a registry hack you need to perform to make it work. Let me rephrase that You'll probably then be able to get into the game, but there will be several graphical issues. Again, check the posts to see what we're dealing with I've done that, and I'm not getting that error message anymore, but after hitting "Engage", the game doesn't even start.

The launcher just closes, and that's the end of it. What should I do? Um, I am sorry about the spam. I'm used to the enter key allowing me to start a new line, and ended up publishing several copies of the same comment by accident. I'm running Sierra on a late IMac. I can open the game and play some.

Graphics not rendering properly is still an issue. Is your configuration correct? Make sure you are running it with Wine 2. That is my configuration. I tried it on Windows 7 and Windows 10, with identical results. Is there anything else I can try? My set-up often takes between 30 seconds and 2 minutes to get to the Cryptic screen after I hit Engage. Did you try to force verify the game files? At the log in screen click Options, check Force Verify and click Save.

If that doesn't do you any good, you may want to reinstall STO from scratch which includes removing the virtual drive from POM. I've run in to this in the past and I think that was the ultimate resolution. Message Just had a problem where the install or something updated itself. NVM, it went away again.. Seem like it was going to stay a bug for a bit. This was potentially caused by a remaining instance of game client being open in the process tree while opening a new client even though the old one was crashed or closed.

I can resolve it most of if not all of the time by closing the process for game client and I can click on interface buttons again in the launcher. Message Bug? The problem is only on my alt. So it's isolated to a single character. Trying to figure out the problem. Tried various combinations of Wine staging versions and OS. Changing the graphics seettings. Changing the graphics settings didn't make much impact. Certain things resolve, most things that require some animation don't. I have the same experience, I'm not able to play anymore after the patch.

I tested this for a few hours and pull all graphics on maximum so that my Mac goes to his knees and observed that all the textures disappeared in the last moment. So it had to be something that the GPU does at last. And its the Shadows. In fact this didn't solve the problem but i think - i figured out where it comes from. Cryptic changed something in the shadow rendering process.

And put it on 0 - but its still the same Graphic-Issue. I have no idea what Cryptic did there I had similar problems. My 32bit one is not working atm an older install , but my 64 bit works almost like everyone elses. And for some reason I can't get holding down left and right mouse buttons to control direction on the ground. It's very hard to control the flight packs like this. Or did it always work that way? Aital, what do you mean with 64Bit? I'm doing the summer event just find with my install btw.

It's playable for me. I just can't see the wood part of trees. You can see most of the foliage though. Aital et al- how did you set up the 64 bit? I was digging around in POM v4. I see the X86 button and figured there would be a dropdown box. If it's like linux it's during the creation of the bottle. It will give the option of 32 or 64 bit.

You will have to make a bottle and then transfer the files into it or similar. Then do whatever the patcher does. Or mod the patcher to install into 64 bit if it needs to. What are you doing on POL to create the bottle? Cryptic have transitioned the game to a new free to play model so you can launch your ship with no monthly subscription. Every player in Star Trek Online is a captain with a ship.

You choose a career path, you choose which missions to take, and you can even choose to play for the Klingon Empire. Gameplay takes place in space and on strange new worlds. Star Trek Online also offers customization of your character, your ship, your crew, your uniform, and more. You can even build missions using the Foundry system. If you have a PC that meets the minimum specs and you are ready to try Star Trek Online for free, sign up now.

As of now there are two ways to play Star Trek Online. This Features Matrix from Cryptic shows the difference between the two accounts. More information on Free to Play at startrekonline. Lightyears ahead from when it was released, Star Trek: Online is an excellent, fun and ever-improving game. Just looked at downloading this, it wants to put some form of peer-to-peer file sharing software on your PC to download the full game.

I must have been destined to be a Star Trek fan. Does seem improved. Before there was no starfleet academy or even decks to walk on on your ship. Now there is. At any rate this game is just really good Star Trek. Give it a shot people. Last I looked an individual C-Store point was selling for around Dilithium.

For those that arent aware, this game also has a user generated content system, which means you can create your own missions as well as play others:. Free players can play unlimited UGC missions, although they have to purchase slots to create them which can be purchased with either real money or in game currency.

You can purchase 4 mission slots for 10k dillithium and you earn dillithium per daily mission. I have not looked back and never will. I used to be a network admin… bought my first Mac a few years back, mostly because I was doing audio editing. Mac users : Try VirtualBox. The most common one that I know of is BootCamp.

Feel free to try it if you wish to try this experience. You can only convert 8, raw ore a day. I have a friend who said you probably can. And as other people have said already: there are workarounds. And on a more positive note really, sorry, this Mac vs. PC thing really gets on my nerves each time I read it concerning gaming : downloading right now.

Curious as to how the game plays these days. I guess I am an idiot since I enjoy my Mac. Yeah, I crashed my PCs since I believe that when I spend a lot of money on something that I would not have to constantly fix it. And I used to work on cars and motorcycles a lot when I was a teenager. I am fully aware of the number of things not offered on Mac when I bought it. Simon: Ouch. How about we time who can change drum brakes the fastest.

On a car, not a Segway. Guys, I am not saying that Macs are better than PCs. They each have their pros and cons. As someone said, to each their own. I use a PC at work but a Mac at home. But why all the hate directed towards those that enjoy their Macs? What did Apple ever do to you? Boot camp would be your best bet — I have many Mac-owning friends who use Boot Camp and Windows to play games while doing their daily productivity work in OS X. You like Macs? More power to you. Other people choose Windows or Linux for a variety of reasons, many of them good. Freedom of choice is awesome.