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Select Preferences from the iSync menu and hit the "reset sync history" button. My Microsoft Office Outlook calendar has stopped syncing with my iphone. How can i make it sync? How can I reset the sync history for my iPhone? On Mac:.

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Add new comment Comments To reset sync history you -open itunes - devices-sync history. To check whether or not you're running the latest version on a Macintosh computer, go to the "iTunes" menu within the iTunes application and select "Check for Updates. Try unplugging and reconnecting your device to see if it appears. Sometimes, restarting your computer can also resolve a USB connection issue.

If you're attempting to update or restore your iPhone through the iTunes sync process, you need Internet connectivity. This allows the iTunes application to connect to Apple and download the necessary software. You can test your Internet connection by opening a Web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox, and attempting to visit a Web page. If your connection is working but you receive a connectivity error, check your firewall, anti-virus or security software settings to see if one of these applications is preventing iTunes from connecting with Apple.

Why iTunes Sync Session Failed to Start?

If you are unsure how to adjust an application's settings, you can temporarily disable it and see if the issue is resolved. Some items cannot be synced because they are incompatible with iTunes or your iOS device.

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Items you can sync include compatible applications; media content such as TV shows, movies and audio; books; calendars; contacts; photographs; notes; ringtones; bookmarks;and documents -- only via file sharing apps, such as Pages. If you're unsure about the compatibility of data or documents with a third-party application, check that application's website or user manual. In some cases, only some of your data will sync with iTunes or you may notice odd issues, such as duplicated data.

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Duplicate data can be caused by syncing through iCloud and iTunes at the same time. If this isn't the case, resetting the Sync History on a Windows-based computer or resetting the SyncServices folder on a Mac could resolve the issue. Before resetting any sync applications, back up important data.

If you're using a Windows-based computer, you'll need to launch iTunes and click the "Edit" menu. Select "Preferences" and choose the "Devices" Tab.

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Press the "Reset Sync History" button. Macintosh users can reset the SyncServices. Select the "Utilities" menu and launch the Terminal application.

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If you've already exhausted all troubleshooting steps and you still cannot sync via iTunes, your iOS device is not recognized by iTunes or you encounter syncing errors, reinstall the iTunes application and its components.