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Now we have to convert this final equation into an equation in a spreadsheet cell. The equation associated with the spreadsheet cell will look like what is labeled C in Figure 8. The solution for x Concentration is then displayed in cell 'C12'. Note: If your equation differs for the one in this example, use your equation.

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Note that if you highlight your new equation in C13, the reference to cell B12 has also incremented to cell B Double-click on the trendline, choose the Options tab in the Format Trendlines dialogue box, and check the Display r-squared value on chart box. Your graph should now look like Figure 6. Note the value of R-squared on the graph.

The closer to 1. That is, the closer the line passes through all of the points. Now lets look at another set of data done for this lab Figure 7. Notice that the equation for the regression line is different than is was in Figure 6.

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A different equation would calculate a different concentration for the two unknowns. Which regression line better represents the 'true' relationship between absorption and concentration? Look at how closely the regression line passes through the points in Figure 7. Does it seem to 'fit' as well as it does in Figure 6? No, and the R-squared value confirms this. It is 0. Though we would need to take in to account information such as the number of data points collected to make an accurate statistical prediction as to how well the regression line represents the true relationship, we can generally say that Figure 6 represents a better representation of the relationship of absorption and concentration.

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This can happen, for example, if you are looking at a narrow range of customers — say, the ones with the highest incomes or most transactions. For example, high school grades are correlated with college grades. It may seem like better studying in high school leads to better grades in college.

Students in families with higher SES tend to have higher grades in high school and college than students from families with low SES. In customer analytics an improving economy or a growing company may be the reason for increases in sales, and not your marketing campaign or feature changes.

Nonlinearity: The relationship between variables needs to be linear — that is, follow a line somewhat.

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If the relationship curves downward or upward, a correlation and regression equation will not properly describe the relationship. Selecting the " Linear Trendline " option will produce the following result supporting our assumption that higher unemployment rates correspond to higher voting rates:. Fitting trendlines allows for many options.

Sometimes, we can hypothesize that the relationship between our variables is not simply linear. For example, we hypothesize that the relationship of voting behavior over time is not linear.

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In the following case, we chose to plot an polynomial trendline and we can see that it bends downwards and then upwards as time increases. This relationship would not be visible if we used a linear trendline. You can edit your trendline and see more options by right-clicking on the chart field to select it and choosing "Format Trendline" from the menu. Apart from editing the visual appearance of our line, we can choose a number of other options.

One of the most important is to display a measure of how well your linear relationship fits your data. The R-squared value is a summary of how much of the variance a particular line explains.

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In the format box, check the boxes to display the equation and the R-squared values on your graph. We can now see the equation of the line and the proportion of variance in the data explained by the linear relationship.

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Visually, this is the same process as running a regression of the Y-variable on the X-variable. You can also add error bars to a chart to display estimates of uncertainty.

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The "Chart Layout" section also has an "Error Bars" option. If you click there and select "Error Bars with Standard Errors," the original graph would now look like this instead:. You can also add custom error bars to a chart.