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And as a little ad-on, this works only if you don't drag on the icons themselves, but a nit to the right of them. Takes a second to figure out, but once you get the feel of it it's o. The second I start doing 2 or 3 extra steps to accomplish the same thing is when I feel like I've taking a couple if not a few steps backwards from improving an already great OS!

Selecting Multiple Messages in Mac OS X Mail

I do appreciate your time in trying to help find an alternate "solution" to this problem but I don't find adding steps to my daily workflow a solution. Do you agree that this seems more like a bug than a feature? If the new behaviour is a feature what actual benefit does it provide us with? Do they want us to use list view now that they've started ironing out the bugs in it? I can't stand list view!

Select all the files or folders in the current directory

I do agree that this is far from elegant though, you probably still have to make your columns wider and I think that Shift-Command-Click would have been a much better solution I tried making my columns as wide as the screen and it wasn't working for me. I just got done experimenting some more myself and have found that you have to do the following: in column view of course 1.

Press and hold the Command key down 3. Click once on one of the middle items of the selection to deselect it 4. I'm so much happier now that at least we've found a way to get this to work again. I just wish it was a little less picky about it.

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Actually I wish it was the way it used to be since I see no logical benefit to the change in the first place but at least it works. What other purpose preexists for Command clicking and dragging items within a column view? Hot diggity. I've been using Mac OS since System 6. Yet so much functionality is stored there.

We really are at a stage where our computers and operating systems are arguably too complex.

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Small additions to features e. Smart Folders have massive ramifications that take years to fully register, and here I am and I've been clicking on Finder's toolbar widgets rather than Cmd-2 and Cmd I've used numerous computers with Tiger installed If this works for you then you have a special install of Tiger that I have not previously run across. Just to clarify for the folks who are saying you can't do this drag-selection thing in Tiger: Yes, you can -- I use it all the time -- but the trick is to start your drag in the white space to the right of the filenames.

You don't even need to hold the Command key down; just drag-select, then if you want to actually move or copy the files, click and drag again, except aim for a filename this time. Ephraim: in Any drag in white space selects the file that's on the same line in the list, no matter how far to the right or left I try my dragging. In fact, I can't even start a drag in the white space to the right of the rightmost column.

In my case, it's the "Kind" column. When did this website become FluffyBunny Kiddie hints for the brain impared? Gahhhhhh,, this function or simmilar has been around since the start of the Apple system days.. Hyuk Hyuk Hyuk. Seems like it's a favorite pastime for some clown to post "this has been in Mac OS since [whenever]". It's not too much trouble for you to skip the hint if you don't like it. What I can't understand is why you clowns complain about your precious time being wasted by obvious hints, yet you gladly spend time posting a complaint about it.

If you're really bored, try this: cmd-click every other item so the selection alternates, then cmd-drag through it to reverse the selections. Yes, but it's important to note that you must start the drag on a blank space other than an icon or filename, otherwise you toggle only individual items.

And even then, as ChaChi notes above, in Tiger this drag-toggle works only if you start on an unselected item. When you start a Command-drag on a selected item, you deselect it and begin moving it. This is the recent change in behavior we're trying to elucidate and complain about. This was not obvious to me after reading the comments until I played around with it some more I'm running Leopard but my guess is this would work in Tiger too In column OR list view it DOES work in both , the important thing to remember is that if an item is already selected, you can't start dragging on that one.

Make sure a different item or no items are selected, then start dragging on the first item in the group you want. You can then hold down command to select another group. Does not work in iTunes though, sadly. Sign In Register. Sign Out Sign In Register.

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Check out the latest Insider stories here. More from the IDG Network. Daniel Masaoka. Open in work mode Do you keep all your work in a specific folder?

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Read the file names If you are working in a Finder window in Column view, you may not be able to read the file names completely. Add a toolbar shortcut Still on the working folders tip, did you know you can add folders to your Favourites menu to the left of your Finder window by simply dropping them there? The fastest way to open a Library Hidden by default there will be times you want to open the Library. Fullscreen QuickView QuickView is such an excellent tool for checking through for the right image in any folder.

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Rename everything Want to rename a whole bunch of files? I am using a 2. I am also using an Apple Aluminum Keyboard wired. I use Microsoft Excel a lot and need to ability to select multiple and seperate cells in a spreadsheet with the primary mouse button. I also need to select multiple and seperate tems in Windows Explorer with the Primary Mouse button. I searched the forum and besides Woody's post in to modify the Windows Registry, I could not find anything that would help. I also thought about creating a mouse short cut for the primary key, but I was not allowed to add a shortcut, I could only modify the two existing mouse shortcuts that did not address the primary mouse button.

The last keyboard mapping question I have is that I like to use in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint to change words from lower case to first letter caps to all caps. I have no idea if this functionality can be mapped to a MAC keyboard but if anyone knows how, I would appreciate it.

Hi, have you tried disabling the mouse shortcuts in Fusion? Then uncheck both items. Also, if you're trying to use Shift-F3 you may have to hold down the function button.