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As a Lightroom user, I can still see an advantage of running a small application devoted only to accessing My Photo Stream photos. Just another example of Apple's software woefully under performing in comparison to its hardware. In addition Apple never seems to quite get it with cloud style services. I can't quite see the intent to share images amongst iDevices via Photo Stream being a strong point.

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There's enough things in life to have to remember without having to remember a 30 day shred date. Maybe we should be offering exchange vacations for Apple software designers so they have a chance of seeing the real world we users use. Another reason to use Flickr and all these other ways to safely save our photos.

I dont like the idea of my photos being left for only 30 days, or new replacing older ones. So I have my own website, Flickr, pbase. I do however like iPhoto, and am sad that it will be discontinued. If it aint broke,,,,,what happened to this idea? And many of us have old Macs with thousands of photos on them. What if we dont really trust the 'cloud'? I think most of my frustration is that we just don't know yet. If it's just like the iOS version, that leaves a lot out for Aperture users. I don't believe it will be a "cloud-only" product, simply because there's just too much data involved.

Uploading gigabytes is no small feat. Although I will respectfully disagree with the "if it ain't broke" idea regarding iPhoto, which I think is broken in many ways. Jeff - I too am cautiously optimistic too - I have to be because the alternate is blowing my mind I have an iPhoto library with over 58, images in it, - back to our first digital camera in , and a small number of photos from before that that have been scanned - with plenty more to go But the obvious biggest shortcoming I see for me are lack of Facial Recognition and the Faces feature which I use a lot - including for the connection of faces between iPhoto and Facebook friends - so if I tag a friend's face in iPhoto, and post it to facebook, that person is automatically tagged on facebook.

I'm hoping we don't have to wait tooooooo much longer to find out just where Apple is going with this.

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I wanted to import pictures taken on my ipod touch into Adobe Lightroom. So, I opened iPhoto to download the photos from icloud. Then I tracked down the location on my hard drive where iPhoto stored the pictures. I needed to open the iPhoto library package by showing contents and then the folder "Masters. Next, I opened Lightroom and imported the pictures from the temporary folder. I selected the "Move" option in Lightroom Import since I didn't need so many copies.

Now, I can work with them in Lightroom. Of course there are many problems with this process. First, it takes many steps. Second, I need to remember to open iPhoto before the month of cloud-saving expires.


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I also have copies of many of these photos in Dropbox. But, there seems to a lag before they appear there under "Imported from Camera. In summary, it is possible to view and save photos from the photo stream on my mac.

But, it is certainly not straight-forward. In that case, I'd forget about digging through the iPhoto library package and either export the photos out of iPhoto to the temporary folder, or, better, just connect the iPod touch to the Mac via USB and import the images into Lightroom as if it were just another digital camera.

Or, if you happen to already subscribe to an Adobe Creative Cloud plan, install the Lightroom mobile app on the iPod touch and import the photos you want into that from the Camera Roll. They'll be synced to Lightroom via the cloud. I often try to do things the hard way first.

Five easy ways to get your iPhone photos onto your Mac

That also reminded me that I simply needed to connect the iPod Touch via USB to move the photos to dropbox or turn on automatic upload photos within dropbox on the iPod. My thinking about storage capacity needs to change as the sizes of cloud, iPod Touch, and hard drive storage have increased. This effects my handling of photos.

I just signed up for the Photography package with Adobe, which includes LR. Havent used it yet, but thank you for the info. I will be sure to be prepared to save my photos. I don't understand why you would want to use MyPhotostream when it won't automatically download the new photos to your mac. You can now see on the sidebar, under the Favorites branch there is a new folder called iCloud Photos. You can see this too if you click on the Computer branch. Alternatively, you can go directly to the path you have set previously in the iCloud options. Ensure that you are running the latest OSX , you should then already have iCloud installed.

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So where are they going? Nowhere really, unless you use application like iPhoto or Aperture. Go to Preferences and open the iCloud tab. You should now see the iCloud folder under the Shared section. Your photos should start to be downloaded automatically. From here you can do what ever you want with your photos as per usual. Want to take cooler pics with your phone?

Use Olloclip's 4-in-1 lens to take your mobile photography to the next level with macro, fisheye, and wide-angle lenses. Can I setup automatic downloading and storing of iPhone photos to my PC if there are multiple iPhones in the family. I have noticed that one of the iPhones 4 does not download photos at all.

When you set the auto sync, every time you plug in the iPhone, it will backup everything including the photos to your PC. This has all changed since OS X updated recently. Help please! After iCloud downloads photos from my photo stream How do I then delete photos from my iPhone and pc photo stream and still save the photos to my pc? Move the picture to another file and then delete individually on both pc and iPhone photo stream.

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  • Seems like a lot of steps. My old photo editing software let me download and delete in one step but since the latest couple of iOS releases it can no longer recognize photos to download on my phone.

    How to get access to your Photo Stream without dealing with iPhoto

    Forget about My Photo Stream, it never intended for long-term backup. Has Apple clarified this? Unfortunately, iPhoto is no longer supported by Yosemite — per the app store. Any idea on how to work around that? Hello, a little stuck. It seems to be showing the last 30 days and not the latest photos. Any idea how to make it show the latest ? So if you have photos that are older than 30 days they will get deleted, even if you have less than photos on your mobile devices.

    In anyway thanks for reminding me about this, I will amend my article and include this additional information. Did you follow the steps I wrote in the article? If you did, you should be able to see all your photos in the My Photo Stream folder.