Mac brave new bronze lipstick dupe

I have listed the Mac lipsticks in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to find the one you need and it would drive me mad otherwise!

If any of ye have any suggestions or additions to the list please let me know I would be delighted to know so I can try them out for myself. MAC Dame - Boots no. I hope you all enjoy the list ladies and get as much use out of it as I have please let me know how you get on with them.

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Mac Lipstick Dupes

Em Maree 22 January at Some cheap alternatives for the expensive MAC makeup! If I were you I would like this post for future reference!

Buy it here: Magic Lumi Highlighter. Buy it here: Revlon Plumpalicious Lipstick.


Get it here- Born With It Lipstick. Buy it here- NXY baked eyeshadow. Buy it here: NYX Red. And here is a blush that is equal or maybe even better than the mac blush!

Mac Lipstick DUPES!

Milani Mai Tai! Buy it here- Milani Mai Tai Blush. I hope you liked this little list and I hoped I saved you all a little cash! Please like if you have a beauty blog because I will follow back!

Mac Lipstick Dupes | Lipstick Alley

And please reblog if this helped you! If you want bang for the buck, the Coastal Scents Fall Festival one would be the one to go with because you get 12 shadows, including shades like navy, browns, olive, beige, etc. External image. MAC is not only known for their fabulous foundations, but some of their most coveted items are their lipsticks! These lipsticks are so much hyped about and their matte collection is considered one of the best, texture wise. I might as well add that I have a huge collection of lipsticks and considering spending so much on the drugstore lippies, I realized it was time for me to buy something more towards high end and what better to start with than MAC cosmetics.

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I was eyeing on these for so long and there is such huge range, I literally wanted to take them all. Well, I controlled myself and thought of first testing out that how well these suits me. This one was priced at Rs.

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External image MAC mehr. External image MAC mehr color. External image MAC mehr bullet.

Looks classy in its own way. Mehr is the matte finish lipstick.

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On my lips, it stayed for about 5 hours after which I had lunch. Post that, a very light tint of color was there on my lips. It was powdery matte on my lips and was not at all flaky or much drying.