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From the main application window, we can perform device diagnostics, if necessary eg during incorrect operation of the HDD. Our editors hand-picked these products based on our tests and reviews. Packaging and Shipping Instructions. Hub and Port Power Issues. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. Terms and Conditions. If you use our links to buy, we may get a commission. The WD Drive Utilities application is an overall management application for owners of newer Western Digital external drives. WD SmartWare, free download.

Last updated on April 25, Go to the WD site. Find great deals on eBay for wd drive passport. The WD Store reserves the right to change or discontinue this offer at any time. WD Drive Utilities. Multiple Western Digital MyCloud Networked Attached Storage NAS devices are affected by several security flaws, varying in severity, that allow attackers to bypass authentication, execute code.

Western Digital My Book Duo (8TB)

Find your WD External hard drives. Offline in some cases means that the drive heads for example of the WD drive are locked down. Excellent post. Also, what model is this Buffalo Terastation? They are giving out free software to consumers who filed a lawsuit claiming the hard. WD Black hard drives are designed for desktop PC and power users who demand performance, with a variety of upgrade options available. Cette application permet d'enregistrer le lecteur sur l'ordinateur, de programmer le timer ou encore de lancer des diagnostics.

I just bought an Elements WD drive, however, and it doesn't seem like encryption work with that drive. What I would try: 1. Internal Hard Disk Drives. The sampling is a prelude to mass. You can easily find a drive that meets your space needs or that is perfectly compatible with your desktop or laptop if you consider certain specifications. High performance, high capacity, high reliability; the ideal drive for those who demand the best. Accessibility Help. Find wd drive ads. The application layout provides access to a number of useful features that are designed to take advantage of the tools and features of WD drives.

Western Digital offers an expansive portfolio of technologies, storage devices, systems and solutions for businesses and consumers alike. WD Drive Utilities 2. Anybody out there having Windows 10 running and also one or more WD drives visible within Windows. The blue light on the front should be on and not blinking. Shop discount Wd Drive Case with high-quality online at Aliexpress. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items.

We provide great quality Wd Drive External Drives at the best prices. It's available in some vivid color options and comes in an eye-catching. Today, we'll compare the WD Blue vs.

It certainly looks like my backup drive has a much higher load cycle count than you might expect for a mostly-idle drive. Shop with confidence. We believe our global presence gives us a rare view of the promise of data worldwide. Find great deals on eBay for traxxas slash 2wd drive shaft and traxxas slash 2wd steel drive shaft. Drive failures? Check your Warranty Status. WD Backup software provides file-system backup, so you can select the specific files and folders you want copied to your My Book. While there always remains a user-base for traditional mechanical hard drives, the trend obviously is NAND storage.

For more info, please call Just install the Wondershare hard drive recovery software onto your computer with the right version , start the 3-step recovery process and you can easily restore lost files. The next time the backup software notices that the file is gone, it should delete it from the My Book backup drive as well.

As for any files and folders on the backup drive, you can just use Windows Explorer to browse, view and restore them. I have old files in folders on the WD MyBook that I have moved or deleted months ago and it still shows on the backup file. I have several people tell me that WD SmartWare is not a sync backup. It will just backup what you put on your computer. My computer is windows 7 and my WD backup is set up to parallel backup.

It is my understanding that if files on C hard drive are affected with virus, backup will automatically occur on my WD drive.

How do I change my backup to take place weekly instead of dynamically? Hi John. Does it really matter? That said, I noticed that My Book actually keeps multiple versions of files. If a file you need is infected, check to see if there might be an earlier version of the file available from before it got infected with the virus. How do I go about connecting more than one Mac to my My Book? There is no mybook option coming up under the computer page. What am I doing wrong? Should I complain to the seller? Hi Ice Skater. While this is great for sharing the MyBook with other people on your WiFi network, it is actually a little more complicated to get it setup.

If you have a network cable, you will need to plug the device into your router instead of your computer. You can end up damaging both your router and your MyBook. It immediately reconnects itself but by that time the error has been recorded and the backup fails. Any ideas what may be happening? I have no experience with an iBook. Hi Joe! Thank you for your question. I recently had to do something similar and ended up using WinMerge to do the comparison and selectively copied just the files that had changed after previewing the list.

Just be sure to set it to only compare date and time stamps instead of the full contents of each file before you do the comparison or it will take a very long time. Karen actually passed away a few years back but her very useful powertool lives on as one of my favourites for replicating files between two sources. Hope this helps. How do you use the Essentials to back up from one computer win 7 to a laptop Win 8.

I was able to figure out how to unlock. Once I figure that part out how do you restore to another machine? I thought I may have to set a back up on the laptop and then do a restore choosing the win7 back up? Thank you. You can just open them as if they were on your computer. Thank You!!! I have been trying for days to find the files on the WD drive. Thanks for helping me see which ones I really do have!! I have had a series of WD hardrives, unfortunatley I just learned the hard way that if you have your laptop, your back up drive and your back upo back updrive all in your daypack because you are trying to a backup of your backup… and you leave the entire backup in a taxi… ummm… the backup doesnt work so well.

So here I am starting again with a new laptop and two new WD harddrives, one full of all the files I have managed to rescue from old hardrives and the backup of my current computer and the other one as the backup of that backup.

Mac or Macbook can't detect my external drive. Troubleshooting tips.

For some reason though my back up of backup simply does not back up all files. It says it has, but when I check only gig of 1. I have read on WD blogs and this appears to be a common problem but i see nobody posting solutions other than dont use WD msartware pro. DO you have any experience or any ideas. I recently needed to restore files and discovered that many were missing from the WD Smartware Pro backup. I think I will switch to Acronis True Image.

The computer power supply has died for the second time, so I am purchasing a new computer. How I do get my backuped files to the new computer? I know how to find the backup drive, but are the files encrypted, do I get copy them on to the new machine?? Hi Deb, Thank you for your question. As someone else recently pointed out, it backs-up everything and never removes anything if you delete a file.

So if you restore your files from the backup onto your new computer, you will likely end up with copies of files that had been moved or removed. They are not encrypted or compressed. You need just drag and drop onto your new computer. A better solution that involves a little more work and money would be to purchase an external hard drive enclosure and put the hard drive from your old computer into it.

Then you will have full access to all of the files from your old computer and be able to use your old hard drive for other things. Hi Rob, Thank you for your question. I suspect that your computer is trying to start up from your MyBook drive.

my book world edition driver mac

Unfortunately you will need to do a little research on how to do that exactly for your particular computer as the procedure is different for each computer. Alternatively, there might be something wrong with your MyBook drive. Use Windows Explorer to do error checking of your drive also known as check disk. You certainly can. In fact you have several options. They all require that you first install the WD Security tool. The installation file is called WDSecuritySetup. This last option might be a good alternative to removing the password completely. What it does is automatically unlock your password protected drive any time you connected it to your computer.

If you want to use your drive with other computers, you can just install this tool on those computers as well and set them up with the Enable auto unlock for user on that computer as well. Tip: Just be sure to write the password down somewhere. If you decide to remove the password completely, you can then uninstall the WD Security tool as it will no longer serve you any purpose.

Hi, Michael. I had divided MyBook into two partitions and the original Smartware worked fine. Now, however, Pro writes only to one partition, even though both show up when I designate the target drive. Pro always defaults to the smaller partition no matter how often I change it to the larger partition.

Anyway, I am just guessing but it might help if you delete your scheduled backups and re-create them. Before you go and re-format your drive, you might want to consider merging the two partitions together to avoid loosing any files. Take a look at the Best Free Partition Manager page on Gizmo to find free applications that will allow you to resize your partitions. Then move your files from the smaller partition to the large one. You may need to repeat this process a few times until the smaller one is empty at which time you can delete it and maximize the size of the larger partition.

For this reason, please take steps to first backup any files that cannot be easily replaced. I have my backups in WD passport drive. I took backup three months ago. It should start adding any files that are have either been added or changed in the last 3 months to your WD My Book backup drive. How can I now restore this backup to my new Windows 8 laptop? Smartware Pro 2. A few days ago I did a complete backup of a Dell Raid 5 server GB and restored the data not programs to a Dell Raid 1 system and took it on line.

I am now finding from the staff that many files were not backed up and restored, most empty folders were not backed up and restored, and some files are in the wrong folders.

I started to copy the files and folders over and could be doing this for the next 2 months. I switched to Acronis True Image and my backups are not only faster but more reliable. This will allow you to take a snapshot image of your drive. For non-personal requirements, see other editions which might better suit your needs. What is the difference — backup using Smartware software versus backup using Acronis software.

The biggest difference is reliability in my opinion. I had to restore my computer about 6 months ago and discovered that the backup created by Smartware was incomplete. I dropped Smartware like a hotcake and switched to Acronis True Image. It can even do real-time backups like Smartware was supposed to do. The version of Acronis True image available for free from Western Digital has some limitations so you may not find all of the functionality there. I use the full Acronis True Image and it has been producing rock solid backups for me for 6 months.

El Capitan killed my WD MyBook - Apple Community

I had used it on some client sites before that with great results and actually used to use back in the days of Windows XP when they offered a free download promotion. I just recommend it because I am happy with it. The guy at the store told me that the drive does not need to be plugged into my laptop to back-up. He said if I plug it into my router than I can back it up that way…. Can you help me? The first thing to check is to ensure that you have a USB plug somewhere on your router. Once the drive is plugged in, it may just automatically appear on your network or you may need to do some configuration in your router in order to make the My Book drive available as a shared drive on your network.

How you do this will vary from one router to another. Some routers have you run an application on your computer while others require that you access the router in a web browser. You will need the login username and password in order to access your router. Once that is setup, the next step is to access the drive over the network. Unfortunately I am not very familiar with Macs and am not sure how you would do this.

There, type in the network address for the router in the address field. Hopefully this means something to you and it works. When the automatic backup runs will these files be deleted from My Book since they are not on the computer hard drive anymore? Or will they be put back on my hard drive? Great question. If you backup your photos with smartware, my understanding is that they will only stay there as long as they exist on your computer. If you then delete the photos on your computer, I think they will also be removed from the My Book drive as well.

What I recommend you do is to move the photos you want to archive onto a new folder you create on your My Book drive. If anything ever happened to your My Book drive, your archived photos would be gone for good. If this would be acceptable to you, then by all means go ahead. I tend to do this myself with files I want to keep but would not be terribly devastated if I lost them as a result of my My Book drive dying.

Hi My book has been plugged into the computer since it crashed 2 years ago. It recently had to be wiped clean again, before the book was unplugged, I remember the light of my book going up and down. Any item what happened? How to verify if my book is working now? In Windows, you should always use the Safely remove hardware and eject media tool located near the clock in the taskbar bottom left of screen before disconnecting the My Book drive.

While I am no Mac expert I have about 20 minutes Mac experience in total , my understanding is that the OSX equivalent would be to go into Finder and then click the Eject icon next to the name of the device you want to disconnect — before you disconnect it. Then wait for a message telling you that it is safe to eject or disconnect the device. What does this do? It tells the operating system to finish writing information currently in memory onto the hard drive before you disconnect it.

My understanding is that OSX uses something called Journaling. Journaling is a wonderful feature that helps protect the file system against power outages or hardware component failures like pulling the plug out unexpectedly, reducing the need for directory repairs. If something happen to the file system, this could be the reason why you are seeing a listing of old files.

Leaving your drive connected with the computer on for a while might clear things up automatically.

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If not, there is a small chance that you might be able to fix your problem by using the OSX Disk Utility to verify and repair the My Book drive. If you are having a problem where the MyBook drive keeps connecting and disconnecting. Hi Patti, one more thought. One should never assume that backups are taking place. Review title of James works great. I disconnected it this morning to use the power cord for another elecronic item.

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Ask Question Asked 9 years ago. The My Book is reliable, fast, and less expensive than the other desktop drives we tested, plus it has enough space for your future storage needs and a long, three-year warranty. I had approx GB used up when I last used it successfully. WD My book has a padlock icon!

A Western Digital external hard drive is good safe way to back up data on your computer. Using the Western Digital My Book hard drive facilitates our lifes, you can take your favourite media data or any important files to anywhere when you need them. If you find yourself. It is a pretty nice NAS missing one critical feature for which many people ask on-line: The ability to sit behind a home LAN router and update a dynamic DNS entry as many routers can do. Western Digital offers an expansive portfolio of technologies, storage devices, systems and solutions for businesses and consumers alike.

The hard disk also comes with the RAID program that organizes all the files stored onto it, and maximizing the memory of the device. If having issues on windows 10 you might need to download a patch for your my book to change from Twonky media to DLNA took a little bit but you need to access your my books dashboard and go in and update it manually. WD My Book is a very popular and one of the more expensive options. How to Back Up a Mac. Discovers and connects to Western Digital drives on a network. My HDD is externally powered so that is not the problem.

You simply have to work your way around both sides of the My Book cover and then the cover will slide off. Easy to use, My Cloud Home is a personal storage device. This Western Digital My Book external hard drive has universal connections to ensure compatibility with 3. This is used to maintain backup of large data and is safe storage device for important data. Put your digital life on the sleek, high capacity My Book Essential external hard drive. Its jus as simple as we think although all your data will be erased but you could recover the data using third party recovery party EaseUs, Recuva the question is how to unlock the forgotten password of WD my passport jus enter the wrong password for 5 times and it will prompt you option of erase everything reset or try again select erase and select I understand.

Powerful inside. WD has refreshed several of their highly popular portable and external storage solutions, including the My Passport, My Passport for Mac, and the My Book, the latter which we will be looking at for this review. It was working perfectly before. Follow the instructions below to reset the device using the reset button:. If your driver is not listed and you know the model name or number of your Western Digital device, you can use it to search our driver archive for your Western Digital device model.

Please keep. A pin reset is not data destructive, does not delete or erase files. We can setup this device to be our web server at home. WD Discovery on bit and bit PCs. Final verdict. This isn't a great result which indicates that there are much faster alternatives on the comparison list. The WD Discovery Tool is used to discover WD drives on the network, and to create mapped network drives from their share folders.

Upgraded to High sierra and drives have mounted no problem,but when i access my music files on the Wd drives and try to click play,nothing happens,There used to be an arrow to click to play but its not appearing,if i drag an individual file to desktop out of the drive,it plays no. I was able to access my external HD about a week ago, watched a movie off it and fell asleep.