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Les problematiques evoluent, le hardware evolue, le logiciel evolue, les besoins evoluent, Bientot !!! Microsoft pousse les PWA sur son store et a acquis Electron.. Skype est en javascript, Visual studio code aussi.. Autant acheter Visio sur son windows. Garageband est une exception notoire. Office , en apps natives, pas weberies. Payez-les au lance pierre, et ils vous pondront une solution faite au lance pierre. Pourtant, elles ne le font pas massivement : hors de question d'alourdir leur masse salariale durablement.

Y'a pas de miracle. Enfin, je pense. Et bien contactez-le directement, je suis certain qu'il proposera un compte paypal ou un IBAN pour le permettre. Pas grave. N'importe quoi. Et cette tendance est une tendance lourde. Vous croyez vraiment que les devs de skype, discord, spotify, zeit, now, hyper, Pour les interfaces, ce n'est que question de point de vue et de temps. Je suis toujours un peu dubitatif En cause principale, les interactions et l'interface. Download: SuperDuper Free, premium version available. Safari is the default browser installed on every Apple computer. This free and open-source browser is an excellent alternative to Chrome.

Calendar supports the use of natural language. You can pair Calendar with Itsycal to view and create events from the menu bar. It integrates with Apple Reminders, has a today widget, and also a dedicated iOS app. Like Calendar, Reminders comes with macOS by default. Use it with Siri to make a shared shopping list you can control using your voice. It has fast become a user favorite across both desktop and mobile for features like smart lists, task notes, attachments, and voice input.

Another much-loved lists app, Wunderlist , while still functional, is all set to go away. But for other choices, check out our comparison of OmniFocus vs. Things for task management. NotePlan is a one-of-a-kind app that comes across as a readymade digital Bullet Journal.

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It lets you create, view, and manage tasks, notes, reminders, and events in a single, easy-to-use interface. The development tools are free to download. Download: Xcode Free. Download: Visual Studio Code Free. Atom starts off as a basic text editor that you can customize as you please using the add-on packages available. This document browser and code snippet manager gives you fast access to reference materials for various programming languages.

We recommend that you polish it up with a few visual tweaks and make it more powerful with the Mailbutler extension.

If you want a smart-looking email client with smart features like automatic email sorting, quick replies, and natural language search, install Spark. It has an iOS client too and supports cloud syncing of accounts, settings, and signatures. Download: Spark Free, premium subscription available. If you want your Gmail experience to be identical both on the web and on the desktop, get Kiwi for Gmail.


Utilitaires multimédia pour Mac OS X

It works with the popular scheduling plugin Boomerang. The lite version of Kiwi limits you to one Gmail account. With a premium subscription, you get access to multiple accounts and Google Suite apps as native desktop clients. Download: Kiwi for Gmail Free, premium subscription available. It offers Markdown previews, snoozing, keyboard shortcuts, and trackpad gestures among other features.

It comes with all the basic features and filters you need to edit photos and turn them into beautiful printed products.

iStudiez Pro Global Reviews

Photos can handle RAW files and recognize people, places, and objects for you. Lightroom Classic CC is the ultimate photo editing and management app for the pros.

Top 10 des meilleurs applications Mac

Affinity Photo is a well-planned, well-designed image-editing package for a one-off fee that makes it a solid budget alternative to Photoshop. You can work with Photoshop files, edit RAWs straight from your camera, use adjustment layers, and a whole lot more with Affinity Photo.

50+ Useful Mac Applications for Freelancers and Professional Designers

Its sister app Affinity Designer makes a great alternative to Adobe Illustrator for vector work. Pixelmator Pro competes with Affinity Photo for the top spot as the best Photoshop alternative. SketchBook is the best free drawing app for artists and designers. It has support for graphics tablets and similar input devices. Download: Autodesk SketchBook Free. Inkscape is one of the best vector graphic design platforms on the Mac.

Your search for a good-looking, lightweight Facebook Messenger client with a focus on privacy ends with Caprine. If you want the best full-featured Twitter client there is and are willing to pay for it, install Tweetbot. Bring all your communication into a single interface with Franz. You can even run multiple instances of the same service, such as two Gmail accounts. Dictater improves that feature by allowing you to pause, skip, replay, and even read along. Every Mac owner needs a BitTorrent client at some point, and Transmission is the best of the bunch.

Download: Transmission Free. Mac menu bar looking a little messy? Try Vanilla for a cheaper alternative. Waltr gives you one of the best seamless ways to sync music and other media with your iPhone wirelessly. That means no more struggling with iTunes. You have a few ways to turn any website into a desktop app for your Mac and Fluid is the best of the lot.

Download: Fluid Free, premium version available. The lack of export options, Markdown support, and a few other features dull its shine a little. Evernote is probably the most popular and best-supported note-taking solution in the world. Download: Evernote Free, premium subscription available.

Access your notes from any device, save files and sketches, clip web pages and collaborate with others. Download: Microsoft OneNote Free. If you like the simplicity of Apple Notes, but the lack of essentials like Markdown, tags, and text export bothers you, get those features with Simplenote.

The app is lightweight, clutter-free, and cross-platform. By popular demand, Simplenote now comes with checklists and a distraction-free mode, too! Download: Simplenote Free. Bear is the notes app everyone is raving about, and with good reason. It has the polish and the power to impress. Download: Bear Free, premium subscription available. It has three apps: Pages for word processing , Numbers for spreadsheets , and Keynote for presentations.

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  • It includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for a one-time payment. LibreOffice is as good an option as iWork for the price of free. It has the best interface, great themes, and customizable shortcuts.

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    It also supports a wide range of services to give you a premium reading experience. If you want a classic Thunderbird-like look or prefer an open-source RSS client, Vienna is a good option that gives you both. Thunderbird also has an integrated RSS reader, by the way. The service syncs with iOS devices and other Macs, so you have access to your credentials wherever you go. If you rely on Safari, Keychain might be perfect for you. It not only generates and stores passwords, but also secures other sensitive data such as credit card and identity information. Despite drawing flak for its switch to subscription pricing, 1Password continues to be a must-have for many Mac users.

    Download: 1Password Free, subscription required. Download: LastPass Free, premium subscription available. Download: Secrets Free, premium version available. OnyX is one of the best free tools to detect and fix common macOS problems. This all-purpose system maintenance tool will help you keep your Mac in top shape.

    Download: OnyX Free. And there are several reasons why you should upgrade to Malwarebytes Premium. Download: MalwareBytes Free, premium version available. Block unwanted connections with Little Snitch, a dedicated firewall tool for your Mac. Not only does it show you exactly who your computer is talking to, it also allows you to control what gets said on a per-app basis.


    Download: hide. Prey is laptop- and mobile- tracking software that you can activate remotely if your device goes missing. You can use the free plan in combination with FindMyMac to overcome a few limitations of the free tier. Of course, instead of that, you can sign up for one of the premium subscriptions to get the best of Prey.

    Luckily, The Unarchiver can open just about any compressed archive including. If you want a file-compression utility that supports multiple formats and has password encryption, try Keka. Download: The Unarchiver Free. Stop your Mac from going to sleep with Amphetamine, a small utility that lives in the menu bar. This is a great replacement for Caffeine, which no longer works on modern versions of macOS. Download: Amphetamine Free. If you need to get rid of an app without leaving any traces, you need AppCleaner.

    It removes all preferences and system files while uninstalling apps, to the point where it can reset many shareware trials. You can use AppCleaner to restore an app to its default state. To do this, uncheck the app name from the list of files found when you run the app and go ahead with the deletion of the remaining files.

    Have trouble sleeping after working at night? It offers users a more customizable experience, which is better for power users. You can also preview similar folders, and for a small one-time fee, you can get rid of these or merge them. If you want fine control over the scan settings and are willing to pay for it, Gemini is the best option available to you. Disk Drill is a pro at chasing down lost files and recovering them for you, but it does a lot more than that.

    You can also use the app to analyze disk space, free up storage, delete duplicate files, protect and back up your data, and watch disk health.

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    • If you want a dedicated app for disk space analysis, DaisyDisk is a great choice. Download: Disk Drill Free, premium version available. TripMode restricts which apps and services have network access, saving you precious data. TinkerTool gives you point-and-click settings to make useful changes to macOS. For starters, you can add a Quit option to the Finder menu and change the default save location and file type of screenshots. Download: TinkerTool Free. BetterTouchTool is worth getting for its customizable keyboard shortcuts and trackpad gestures alone.

      If you add support for key remapping, text expansion, and window management, you have the ultimate productivity app for your Mac. You can take care of those tasks from the menu bar! Dropzone also gives you a temporary place to stash files for quick access. Spotlight not cutting it for you? Switch over to Alfred. Ensure that you download Alfred from its official website; the Mac App Store version is out of date. Download: Alfred Free, premium upgrade available. Try a better tool with one of these macOS Spotlight alternatives. Read More. You can use it to create macros for pretty much any set of macOS functions.

      Clipboard management, text expansion, iTunes control, app launches, Share actions, mouse-click automation—Keyboard Maestro can do it all for you. Of course, if you use an app like Alfred or BetterTouchTool, you already have powerful text expansion features at your fingertips. Download: VLC Free. Want to use your iPad or iPhone as a second Mac screen? Duet Display lets you do this better than any network-based alternative ever has with virtually no lag.

      Plex is a robust, database-driven media server. It automatically scans incoming media and keeps your collection organized. Download: Plex Free, premium subscription available. Convert videos with a click using Handbrake, the go-to open-source video transcoder for Mac. Run Windows on your Mac for free with VirtualBox.

      Download: VirtualBox Free. Parallels Desktop Lite lets you run windowed Windows and Linux applications on your machine. The app also supports Modern.