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It's important to set your Page Setup so that it does not format for any particular printer, or else your custom paper size gets overriden. Word also seems to 'forget' my custom paper size between each print In the newsgroups, there are liberal amounts of dogma being applied on the topic about whether this is Word's fault or OS X. My money is on Word. Not only do all my other apps work fine, but there is another Word printing 'bug' where each section of a document is printed separately, stopping you from easily producing PDF versions of complex documents.

KB articles at support. It certainly makes it difficult when working on complex documents with PC users as you often end up with missing footers and multi-part PDF proofs. Good luck!

Just The Tip: How to Create Custom Index Cards

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The Quickest Way – Use Index Card Templates

Nano 7 - backgrounds TM backup via Ethernet. Sometimes the printer doesn't put the image where you think it will, and you'll need to be crafty to make the physical placement of the odd-size paper match the printer's behavior. In general, yes, it is possible. I have done it, although not recently. I am not an expert in Word, but I would guess that you need to adjust the nominal paper size of the document, and then set the paper size again in the printer settings.

Avery makes perforated notecard paper , and then you set up a 'label' template, and print onto that posted by nikko at 7: What about printing to labels, and then sticking the labels on the index cards? You may want to try putting text on ALL of an 8. See where the image lands. Chances are it's not printing where you're expecting. Barring that, yeah, try the Avery sheets.

It does a fine job of creating index cards from scratch. I will leave that choice to you as we pick one from the three methods. Templates can save you a lot of time.

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Microsoft Word has an entire gallery of templates 10 Templates to Save Time at the Office 10 Templates to Save Time at the Office Are there documents that you write over and over again? Whether it's meeting agendas, invoices, or status reports, templates could make your work easier. We have compiled 10 template ideas to save you time. Read More that are designed for any personal or professional need. The way to get to them is through a search.

Open Microsoft Word. Type Index card in the search field. The results are displayed as thumbnails and you can easily sort through them visually or with the category list on the right. If you need a specific type of index card, try a search with that. The template gallery has a variety of flash cards for basic English and Math. Select the template and it opens as a new Microsoft Word document. Use the index card as it is or re-purpose it around your content. For instance: We show you how to add that final touch in Microsoft Word.

Change Paper Size in Word

Read More and make the text on the card stand out. So, a do-it-yourself approach will not only give you the power to make your own custom designed index cards but also fit it around the printer you have at your disposal. The good news is that Microsoft Word makes the process easy.

How can I easily create a note card template using Word for Mac?

Open a new Microsoft Word document. To set the right size for the index cards, head to the Layout tab on the Ribbon. Click the little arrow at the edge of the Page Setup group to open the options. On the Page Setup panel click on the tab for Paper. Scroll down the paper sizes given. If you get a size close to your desired number select that.

How to Make Index Cards in Microsoft Word

If not then select Custom Size which is the last choice on the drop-down list. Enter the Width and Height as per the dimensions of the size of your index card. Click OK to set the dimensions. You can also arrive at the same options by selecting Size from the Layout tab. The scroll-down list brings you to different paper sizes and the More Paper Sizes command at the end. It opens the same dialog box we see above. Index cards can be of different sizes. Wikipedia says that the most common size for index cards in North America and the UK is 3 by 5 inches.

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It is commonly known as the 3 by 5 card. Other available sizes include 4 by 6 inches, 5 by 8 inches, and ISO-size A7 74 by mm or 2. If you want to keep them organized in a binder file, you might like to set a margin that leaves space for a punch hole. Go to the first button on the Layout tab that says Margins.

Choose Normal which is the default or Narrow from the drop-down. Or, any other dimension that is suitable for the look of the cards. The Word document is now set up with your custom dimensions.

Make an Index Card in Microsoft Word from Scratch

By default, Microsoft Word will print the cards in portrait. For instance, a recipe card would look better in portrait.

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A vocabulary card would be ideal with a landscape adjustment. Your first blank index card is ready.