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Using the macOS Binary Distribution - Ice

When I run the first command to install homebrew it shows the messages below. The security changes that the script wants to implement make me nervous.

Another reason that Apple bundles many outdated GNU software bash, gdb, etc. Which is a bit of a pathetic move from GPL. Blocking every OS X user from using a few great tools out of spite for Apple not being open source.

✓macbuntu 16.04: Make Ubuntu Look Like Mac OS X - install MAC OS X Theme for Ubuntu 16.04

This is absurd. Get your facts straight before insulting others.

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Nice twist of the reality, man. Did you notice anything different?

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Dear Hong, thank you so much for this post! I would like to remind you that the link in your post actually requires a login….

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You can also subscribe without commenting. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. In particular, you should always install Setuptools, as it makes it much easier for you to install and manage other third-party Python libraries.

How to upgrade to OS X El Capitan

The version shipped with OS X may be out of date from the official current Python release , which is considered the stable production version. The fastest way is to install the Xcode Command Line Tools by running xcode-select --install. In combination, the software can cause issues that are difficult to diagnose. If you perform a fresh install of Xcode, you will also need to add the commandline tools by running xcode-select --install on the terminal.

While OS X comes with a large number of Unix utilities, those familiar with Linux systems will notice one key component missing: a decent package manager. Homebrew fills this void. The script will explain what changes it will make and prompt you before the installation begins.

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Homebrew names the executable python2 so that you can still run the system Python via the executable python. Homebrew installs Setuptools and pip for you.