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That doesn't mean that they can't get the job done, though. If you prefer to just watch media on your Mac, then take a look at our Best alternatives to iTunes. Those looking for a premium alternative to iTunes should find dBpoweramp is a decent option.

It provides you with an easy way to rip your favourite songs from CD to MP3, along with many other file formats, and can even encode to multiple formats at the same time. The developers take pride in the app's ability to rip CDs fast and securely, and include a feature called AccurateRip that compares your rip with others and lets you know if it's error free.

dBpowerAmp on Linux

There's also an artwork feature that finds the album covers, and the PerfectMeta function that ensures all details about the MP3s are correct. Download dBpoweramp.

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It's true that the UI is now very dated and there won't be any updates coming down the pike, but it still gets the job done and has the bonus of being completely free, so you can try it out without risking any money. Download Max. It offers more advanced options for pro-audio users, and you'll find a detailed breakdown of what's available via the XLD website. Most of these questions are for those that have used both, but even if you haven't used both and only used the Linux version, I would still like to get your take.

Anything you don't like about dBpowerAmp on Linux? Comments, thoughts, feeling, likes, dislikes, anything.

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Best alternatives to iTunes for ripping CDs to MP3

I use dbpa, but haven't used the Mac version. However, some of the comments I've read in the past indicate that the Mac version doesn't run on all flavors of Linux. Based on the dbpa forums, the Mac version is missing a few minor features, but for basic ripping and tagging redbook CDs, it appears that the Mac version works well.

This is not the ripper. The ripper has only Windows or Mac version. I used windows version of dbpoweramp on debian linux using wine. It worked pretty well.

The only real issue was the eject functionality. Other Linux distributions have more up to date versions of Wine than debian and might provide better results. Originally Posted by teeitup. Originally Posted by Bluzplayin. I also have dbpoweramp running on Linux and it works well for me! I was using Windows 10 but only so that I could use dbpoweramp and foobar, I've used Linux for everything else for a couple of years now.