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Huawei used to offer upgrades that worked under OS My mobile phone provider also used to offer their own bundle under the name "Mobile Connection Manager".

Installing Mobile Partner on Mac OS X

That also contained updated drivers that worked with more modern versions of the OS. On their support pages the now simply state and answer likewise to questions about it that they just do not offer that any longer. The problem is now, that the old drivers can be shoehorned into a Sierra install but lead to a kernel panic on boot.

This is for the latest drivers from a Huawei installer I archived. Upgraded from Yosemite the drivers work in Sierra. On Mojave the installer complains about an expired certificate but continues. Expecting a security exception to confirm I restarted and the extensions just do not load at all. The system just refuses to touch them and loading is no longer possible. Now I guess that I might disable SIP for that but I would strongly prefer getting an updated driver for the hardware that works cleanly under mac OS Mobile Connection manager Version 8. Mobile Partner.

And the latest download I could now still find in a forum is bringing only a version from April Now that site seems unsearchable and I did not even manage to navigate there from regular Huawei sites. They only ever had one driver package for Macs that supported all sticks they ever made. As that stick I have supports all the speed the provider offers here I'd like to stick with that stick.

The latest downloads to be found via the Huawei site seem to be Windows only. I feel that that cannot be the last word on it. Besides that, getting a new dongle or, as has been recommended in the comments already, either use the hotspot in your phone or get a WiFi hotspot device might be the easier path to follow.

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. These are hopelessly outdated and ceased to function with Mac OS X Ah I see… I hope that Mac will solve their software problem soon. Some time ago everything was working super well… After they changed something on my mac it started moving slow.

macos - How can Huawei E USB modem work on MAC OS X ? - Super User

Some overheating problem. O well… Let us hope that it will be better after they take a look. I will de-activate again that thing. Thank you so much for your time on telling us how to solve this problem. Means a lot! Hi Gee, i just installed OS X Thank you. I assume that it should work for the Huawei E as well.

But you have to follow exactly the workaround step-by-step. Huawei has released a patch and you can download their app as well, works like a charm. No need to alter OSX. However, I assume that this patch will solely work for OS X New OS X and the sticks are not working anymore until a patch is released And this takes months!

So it was for OS X And I just want to add the link to these official apps from Huawei, and they work fine with my old E modem on El Capitan And it works!


Anyway, Gee Are Pabst thank you very much for your solution! And have ou plug in your device before opening network preferences? Just try it and it would be great to get your feedback! What now, because now all that effort is useless, I cannot simply force my iMac with El Capitan If you booted normally, it will not work. Hello, I bot exactly how is in tutorial which is very fine, thanx!

Thanx for effort to help! Which OS X version are you using? I am using the same OS, El Capitan I solved the problem using Apple Support, and supoort told me that before few days Guawei made update on all drivers and find a solution for that, support gave me a link http: Thank you so much for your tutorial.

Did you plug the modem directly to your mac without using any cable? Another option: I followed the steps. But when I select Huaweimobile I cant see configuration default en telephone number etc..? Have you checked that csrutil is disabled see how to in my post? Any ideas? Disable csrutil Installed that software you suggested. I re checked the status of csrutil, but that was disabled! Perhaps you should update this article. After messing with my SIP and the hassle of disabling and enabling each time, I found out Huawei has released a patch and a new install package here:.

Thanks in advance…. E is one of these. This one will do the trick without the need of configuring anything or altering the system from recovery. These are not telco modems there is no need to configure dialer or anything like that. Please help! What are the steps to follow? Can you help me please?

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Hi Gee, My system is unable to detect hua wei under system preferences, network. I have disabled the csrutil, and installed the driver. However, I realized I am unable to find the driver in my mac. Please advice. Thanks Kavitha India Reply. Hi Kavitha, have you already checked that csrutil is really deactivated have a look at point 5. Cheers, Gee Are Reply. Hi mrsdomnina, many thanks for your feedback! Hi Gee, Thanks for the good tutorial!! Hi Gerit, many thanks for your detailed feedback. Thank you so much for your time.