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Whether you opt for the free or paid version, download Macrium Reflect 7 from the official website. That can be through internal or external connections, but they must both be plugged in and recognized by the system. This is also a good time to make sure that your destination drive has enough space. It will need to have more free space than that of your source drive in order to receive all of that new information. To start the cloning process, first select the source drive and then the blue Clone this disk… link underneath it in the main window.

A new window will appear that will ask you to select a destination disk. Click the area that says Select a disk to clone to… and choose your destination disk from the list that appears.

Part 2: The Best Free Software to Clone HDD to SSD

Note: Remember that any existing data on the destination drive will be erased as part of the cloning process, so be sure to backup any information on it before proceeding further. Alternatively, drag and drop the particular partitions you want to clone to the new drive.

2012 Macbook Pro - SSD Cloning and Install

On the subsequent screen, select the box that says Maximum size , then press OK. Depending on the size, speed, and usage of your drives, this process can take quite some time. There are plenty of third-party alternatives you can use, like the popular Carbon Copy Cloner , but Disk Utility does the job just fine. The only downside to Disk Utility compared to some third-party tools, is that it unmounts drives to speed up the copy process.

You can do so by selecting the Spotlight search tool it looks like a magnifying glass and searching for Disk Utility.

SSD Basics

Then select the corresponding entry. You should see both your source and destination drive listed in the left-hand window.

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  • Use Disk Utility to Clone a Mac's Drive.

Select your destination drive from the list of volumes on the left-hand side. This is the volume that will have the data copied to it and will be erased as part of the process, so make sure to select the correct one and that any important data on it is backed up. Then select the Restore button from the top menu.

5 Best Disk Cloning App For Mac In

It looks like a circular arrow. So now a lot of people have started to use SSD due to its higher performance and greater results. SSD is much more convenient and more effective storage solution for computer. But SSD is more durable. The best way to copy HDD to SSD is by using a tool that can guarantee you perfect result without losing any data or reinstalling Windows.

The only program that can give you this kind of guarantee is iBeesoft Dbackup software. This amazing data backup and drive clone software is the best way to maximize your files, partitions, disks and your computers operating system in no time. It has wonderful features and advanced performance level that will ease your user experience.

It has the most beautiful user-friendly interface and easy step by step process that will help you to free clone HDD to SSD like a pro.

DoYourClone for Mac 2.0

Access this by clicking on the storage drive on your desktop, then clicking on the Applications folder, then the Utilities folder, then Disk Utility. Alternatively, you can click on the Applications folder in your dock, then follow the additional steps noted above. No need to fear — this is normal. From here, follow the steps below that correspond to your version of OSX.

Highlight your SSD and click the Erase button. Select Erase. The drive will now be partitioned, formatted, and ready for use. Highlight your SSD and click the Partition tab. Select Partition. Shut down your system.

Part 1: Prepare

Select Disk Utility , then Continue. Underneath the name of your Crucial SSD, you should see the partition you named when you formatted your drive. Click on this partition to highlight it. Now click on the Edit menu in the upper left corner of your screen and select the Restore Reward yourself with a beverage of choice. Leave your computer for a while and go do something fun! Once everything has copied over, click Done. The partition you named on your Crucial SSD should now have the same name as the partition on the existing drive you copied over.

From here, select Recovery