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If your game uses multiple. RetroArch does not currently have. For game savedata storage, the PSX console used memory cards. The PSX console had two slots for memory cards. In this doc, the first memory card slot will be referred to as 'Memcard slot 0'. The second memory card slot will be referred to as 'Memcard slot 1'. By default , the filename of the Memcard slot 0 savedata will match the loaded cue or m3u or pbp filename, like this:. By default , the filename of the Memcard slot 1 savedata if enabled will be pcsx-card2. This basically means that all games in the same folder share the same nemory card in slot 1.

To import your old memory cards from other emulators, you need to rename them to the Libretro savedata format. Keep in mind that save states also include the state of the memory card; carelessly loading an old save state will OVEWRITE the memory card, potentially resulting in lost saved games.

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The default setting is bolded. Settings with Restart means that core has to be closed for the new setting to be applied on next launch. Choose how much frames should be skipped to improve performance at the expense of visual smoothness. Disable or enable second memory card Memcard slot 1.

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Default to being disabled. If enabled, Memcard slot 1's save data will be loaded and saved as a pcsx-card2. All games in the same directory will share the same second memory card. With the standard setting, a standard PlayStation Controller is emulated. With the negcon setting, a neGcon Controller is emulated. Don't expect that [pec] v1. Also [pec] v1. One which is included in the [pec]-zip-archive and contains all games with "few" codes, and a extra codelist which include all "big" games.

Ok, here are the downloads: Visual Basic 6. Ok, after a big lag of updates here's a new one. As you can see I've changed the design of the [pec] page a bit, I've updated all the sections and removed all the useless crap like the poll. Some sections are still missing, like the Wish List formally known as the Vooting Both, this will be up soon. Last but not least I've installed a new Message Board, so if you have questions about [pec] you can ask them there.

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To the old poll: The results show me that most people want search functions to generate their own cheat codes, a build-in editor to edit the database themself and support for Caetla- and Action Replay codes. Currently we work on the search function works currently , the built-in editor will follow soon.

PART 2 — Installing the Bios

Just wait for the next release ;- Soon doesn't mean within the next few days. But now to the database update. It isn't a big update, just 21 US games. But I think it was time to do something on the database. To download the new database check the download page. Ok, that all for now, have fun. August If you understand thai, you can read the article on these scan's, just click on them to enlarge them: Thanks to Iczelion for this magazin. If you are a writer from a magazine and want to write an article for your magazine it would be also cool if you could inform me, because it makes me happy to see the famousness of [pec].

July One more feature of the new [pec] version 1. I forgot to mention one feature which is already implemented in the new plugin v1.

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Thanks to Alejandro Mahecha for the mail about that: Ok, it's time for a new version To be exact, these are the features of the new version: To download the new version go to the Download-page. If you think it isn't please let us know that and tell us what we should improved.

If you have any problems with the Interface please mail daNIL for all other problems mail god or me. May Like predicted yesterday, here is the new, in Delphi written [pec] The Plugin-Interface. This new interface has the following features: Change the GUI like you like it Support for saving last selected games and cheats. Now you can initialize assign quantity digits and modifiers at runtime. Just doubleclick the cheat with?

Now you will see another screen with a list of available cheats for current loaded PSX game. Edit the cheatpops. Use Wordpad or your favorite text editor to see what I mean. If you have the cheatpops. Hope that this helps others out there enjoy this fun emulator on their OpenPandora! Enjoy your games!!!

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Jul 1, Messages: Thank you mate. I was just doing a search on the forum for this very thing. Abanest , Oct 31, You and devs are awesome! I found a download for a complete pops. FBnil likes this. Cheers, King!

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I was about to start searching for it. Make a copy, rename file extension to.

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Feb 13, Messages: Naughty, stop cheating. Jan 16, Messages: Lizard Lick, North Carolina. Because I renamed all my games, because I didn't want a bunch of junk on my screen, just the name of the game. Kumaki , Oct 31, Jan 28, Messages: That cheatpops.