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No problem. You may have just switched it off. To manage your services, open the the System Preferences app, and head to the Keyboard section, then click on Shortcuts in the toolbar.

How to shorten long text documents in macOS with the Summarize service

Then click Services in the list on the left. This shows a list of all the available services on your Mac, including any installed by you, or by apps you have downloaded.

Check the box to activate it, and it will appear in the Services menu. If you find yourself using this a lot, then you can add a keyboard shortcut to invoke any service instantly. Just click on the name of the service, and then click Add Shortcut in the rightmost column, and hold down the keyboard combo you want to use.

The Summarize tool is often forgotten, but can be amazing if you need to quickly shrink some text down to size, or to get a quick idea of the salient points in a long piece.

Summarize Text Using Mac OS X Summarize Or Microsoft Word AutoSummarize

And because it works on non-editable text, you can use it inside Safari, too, or anywhere else. The tool could probably do with some polish. How to get p YouTube videos in iPad Safari. Celebrate Presidents Day with new gear, lessons and apps [Deals].

Use Your Mac's Built-In Summarize Feature to Shorten Long Blocks of Text

General-purpose computers are terrible for creativity [Opinion]. Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs says Apple is finally debt-free. However, it seems in Snow Leopard at least, you have to turn this service on before you can use it. This is nice an simple. Open up System Preference and navigate to the keyboard preferences. Select the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, and select services from the left hand options. Select this check box.

Mac OS X - Summarize Command

You are now ready to create summaries of any text you want. In Preview, TextEdit, as well as browsers such as Firefox and Safari, select the text you want to summarise. The app will open in the menu bar and you will be presented with a summary from the text you have selected.

Use the slider to increase the summary length. The summary option gives a good summary to a long and complicated article. I can quickly see what the article is about without having to dig through a 6 page journal article on a complex topic.

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How to shorten text with the Mac’s built-in TL;DR tool

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